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Pre-print checking your artwork

All PDF artwork files which we receive are checked carefully in our studio. If there is a technical problem with any aspect of the PDF, for example: the size, low resolution images, insufficient bleed, the wrong colour mode, text in the quiet area, then someone from our studio will contact you to explain what you need to do to fix it.

Creating a Press Quality PDF for you

If your finished, printed job is going to look as beautiful as possible, it is vital that your PDF is made correctly. If you are struggling to embed fonts, to achieve only CMYK colours, to retain 3mm bleed etc. then it might be worth passing your finished document to us and we will create a Press Quality PDF for you. Our charge for doing this is £20.

Design improvements

If you have already spent time designing your artwork in, say Microsoft Publisher or Word, but feel it looks a bit amateurish, then just send it to us and we will improve the design very quickly and cheaply. We can also check the technical aspects of the artwork, such as picture resolution and create a Press Quality PDF at the same time.

Simple leaflet or stationery design

We can create a simple one-sided A5 leaflet or an A4 letterheading, using your words and images, for around £30. Please email the wording and some rough layout instructions – if you have suitable high resolution pictures, please send them too. If you do not have suitable pictures, please contact us and we will email a list of photo-libraries' websites, where you can browse through thousands of images and purchase them quite cheaply.

Large design projects

Our studio hourly rate is £60 per hour, which offers excellent value for money because our designers work very quickly. If you can brief us well and supply good copy and images, you will be delighted with our service, design quality and price. However, please be aware that we are a printing company with a very efficient in-house design studio – if you have no copy, no logo, and no images and frankly no idea of what you need, you would probably be better served by contacting a creative agency. Obviously, once you have had it designed elsewhere, we would be delighted to print the job for you!


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