Scodix Digital Embossing is a revolutionary, new process which adds a raised, high gloss layer to selected areas of a printed sheet. The effect is absolutely BRILLIANT – it looks like a cross between gloss UV varnish and thermography.

Our Embossing is produced on a Scodix 1200, which is the world's first UV Digital Embossing Press. The Scodix 1200 digitally prints clear ink in perfect registration onto a suitable previously printed sheet, which is then UV (ultra violet) cured causing the clear image to rise off the surface of the sheet creating a dramatic three dimensional effect. It can be applied to one side or both sides of a sheet and can be high lift or low lift.

If you have watched the Scodix Greeting Card video (above), you might have noticed that the Digital Embossing has been applied using variable data, personalizing the card to Karen. The Digital Embossing prices on our site assume that a constant image will be applied to either one side or both sides (obviously you can have a different image on the reverse, if required) – the prices do not allow for variable data. Please email if you would like a price for variable data Digital Embossing.

Products which are suitable for Digital Embossing

When you use our website to work out a price for any print job, the box offering Digital Embossing will appear if the material you have chosen is suitable for Digital Embossing. The general rule is that it must be a coated sheet i.e. gloss art board, silk art board or matt art board in a weight of 200gsm or above.

This will include:

Spot Pantone Colour Printing on 450gsm matt art board

Business Cards all sizes, laminated or unlaminated

Low Lift and High Lift Digital Embossing

One of the many astonishing features of the Scodix 1200 Digital Embossing Press is the accuracy of the registration between the overprinted varnish and the previously printed sheet. Unlike most post-press operations, the registration is not mechanical; the Scodix machine optically analyses each sheet and ensures that the varnish layer lands in exactly the right place with pin-point accuracy.

Low Lift Digital Embossing is similar to a very thick layer of spot UV varnish, but thicker, glossier and far more accurately registered.

High Lift Digital Embossing is absolutely stunning. It has the excitement of a spot UV varnished, embossed job but with perfect registration and without the matching, deep deboss on the reverse of the sheet below the embossing.

The price of the Digital Embossing is related to the quantity of varnish which needs to be applied, just as it is with conventional UV varnishing. So High Lift is more expensive than Low Lift and coverage of say, 21 to 40% of the surface area is cheaper than coverage of 41% to 60%.

Production time

When you select Digital Embossing, it will add two days to the production time.

The despatch time, including the time required for the Digital Embossing, will be shown in the Product Description.

For a day to be treated as the first working day, we require your order and payment along with suitable artwork before 10am, please.

Artwork and PDF requirements

Please supply PDF artwork for the image which is to be Digitally Embossed. This can be supplied as an additional colour (perhaps called Embossing) or as a separate PDF.

If you need help to create the artwork for the area to be Digitally Embossed, our studio will be pleased to give you a quote.

Christmas Hours

We will be closed for Christmas from 5.30pm on 20th December and will re-open at 9am on 2nd January.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

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