Overprinted Envelopes

500 Overprinted Envelopes for £128

  • If you would like prices for different envelope sizes or for quantities not offered in the Price Calculator below, please contact us for a quote
  • Printed one side only or both sides
  • Black only or full colour
  • DL wallet, C5 pocket and C4 pocket
  • Envelopes available with window or without
  • DL and C5 envelopes are 90gsm white self-seal, C4 envelopes are 100gsm white self-seal

Price Calculator

Overprinted envelopes serve as a versatile and efficient tool for businesses, combining functionality with branding opportunities. These envelopes can be printed on one side or both sides, accommodating various design preferences and informational needs. The choice between single-sided or double-sided printing provides businesses with the flexibility to communicate essential details or showcase their brand’s identity, depending on the intended purpose.

When it comes to colour, businesses have the option to choose between black only or full colour printing. While black only printing offers a more minimalistic and cost-effective approach, full colour printing enables vibrant and eye-catching designs that can leave a lasting impression on recipients. This choice allows businesses to align their envelope design with their overall branding strategy and communication goals.

Overprinted envelopes come in various sizes to suit different mailing needs. The DL wallet, C5 pocket, and C4 pocket envelope sizes cater to a range of document sizes. These options ensure that the envelope not only fits its contents comfortably but also presents a professional appearance that complements the enclosed materials.

Furthermore, the availability of envelopes with or without windows enhances the functionality of overprinted envelopes. Envelopes with windows offer the added convenience of clearly displaying recipient addresses, eliminating the need for separate labeling. On the other hand, envelopes without windows provide a larger canvas for branding, design, and customized messaging.

In terms of material and sealing, businesses can choose envelopes that align with their desired level of quality and security. DL and C5 envelopes are typically crafted from 90gsm white self-seal paper, offering a balance between durability and practicality. Meanwhile, the slightly thicker 100gsm white self-seal paper used for C4 envelopes ensures that larger documents are well-protected during transit.

In conclusion, overprinted envelopes offer businesses a comprehensive array of choices to enhance their mailing strategies. The decision to print on one side or both sides, opt for black only or full colour printing, select from different envelope sizes, and choose envelopes with or without windows demonstrates the adaptability of this stationery tool. By leveraging these options, businesses can not only effectively convey important information but also extend their branding efforts to an often-overlooked aspect of communication. Whether it’s a professional, minimalist look or a vibrant, attention-grabbing design, overprinted envelopes provide a platform for businesses to make a statement even before the envelope is opened.