Tabloid Newspapers

20,000 Newspapers for £1,111

  • If you would like prices for different material, pagination or a quantity not offered in the Price Calculator below, please contact us for a quote
  • Printed in full colour on 52gsm Improved Newsprint
  • Our tabloid page size is 289mm x 375mm
  • Endorse folding available

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Page size of a Tabloid Newspaper

Unlike most other printed products on this website, Tabloid Newspapers have a fixed page size of 289mm wide by 375mm high; the reason these dimensions are fixed is because the Tabloid Newspaper cannot be trimmed after it comes off the press. The press is fed by a reel of paper, known as a web, and the paper is slit to size whilst travelling at high speed through the press.

Number of pages in a Tabloid Newspaper

The pages of a Tabloid Newspaper are all printed at the same time, unlike saddle-stitched, perfect bound or wire-o bound booklets or hardback books, where the assembly of the printed pages occurs as a separate process after the sheets have been printed. This means that we cannot print Tabloid Newspapers with a total number of pages of every multiple of four pages. Four pages, eight pages, twelve pages and sixteen pages are all OK, but thereafter the number of pages needs to increase in increments of eight: 24 pages, 32 pages, 40 pages, 48 pages, and so on.